Mission, Vision and Aims


Our Mission

The British School provides a quality, diverse, stimulating, academically challenging education in an English speaking environment; preparing students of all nationalities to become successful, enthusiastic, well prepared citizens of the future.

Our students are confident, creative, independent thinkers who thrive in an atmosphere where friendship, communication, honesty and trust are highly valued. Committed staff inspire our pupils to maximise their individual potential in a happy, safe and welcoming environment.

We foster a sense of responsibility, self-control, mutual respect and tolerance, where academic success goes hand-in-hand with the personal and social development of each individual.


Our Vision

To recognize and release the unique potential of each student, equipping them with the skills, knowledge and values to meet the demands of an ever changing world, inspire social responsibility and a commitment to lifelong learning.


Our Aims

The aims of the British School of Gran Canaria are;

  • To provide an education, cultural understanding and international awareness based on standards set for British schools.
  • To prepare our students for university education in Britain, Spain and other countries with high levels of academic achievement and a range of life and 21st Century skills.
  • To provide pupils with a wide range of educational experiences and learning opportunities that will prepare them for adult life with confidence.
  • To promote the school’s Core Values so that the school community feels secure and happy, and where all relationships are based on co-operation, tolerance and mutual respect.
  • To celebrate diversity within the school, local community and wider world.

British School Of Gran Canaria
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