South School Diwali Celebration

19oct2017-diwaliOn Wednesday 11th October, the South School celebrated Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights celebrated every year in Autumn. The children made colourful displays including lanterns, diyas and henna designs. A group of mothers from our Indian community kindly donated Indian food and came to school to create gorgeous rangoli patterns. After lunch, each class had an opportunity to snack on the Indian home-made food. At the end of the day an assembly was held about the religious festival, for which many parents, students and staff dressed in the traditional festive Indian clothes. It was a festive, happy event and we thank our Indian Community for sharing the celebration with us and their kind contributions.





UK and Spain - Beyond Brexit

19oct2017-brexitMonday 16th October saw our Agora host The UK and Spain: Beyond Brexit. The British Embassy's Deputy Head of Mission to Spain, Mr Tim Hemmings, flew in from Madrid to deliver an update on Britain's withdrawal from the EU. He was particularly keen to speak directly to the public without his views and news being filtered through traditional media sources.

On the whole, the mood was upbeat. Mr Hemmings said that British and Spanish governments were committed to safeguarding the privileges enjoyed by UK nationals in Spain and vice versa. He hoped Britain's "divorce" from the EU would be relatively painless and pointed to the fact both parties agreed with each other more than they disagreed about future roles and responsibilities.

Answering questions from concerned expats in the audience, Mr Hemmings did his best to reassure those present although he warned the future was still uncertain. The sticking point, he insisted, was money. Which, to knowing murmurs from the crowd, Mr Hemmings stated was always the way.

Día de la Banderita

11oct2017-banderitaLast Thursday, 5th October, Year 11 students spent the morning working as volunteers for Red Cross during the fund-raising event Día de la Banderita. This was a wonderful opportunity for students to understand how important it is to cooperate and help people in need. Red Cross volunteers praised them for their politeness and commitment to work. Although they were exhausted after so many hours walking and asking for donations, they were also fulfilled with emotion as they know this little contribution will make a big difference. Well done, Year 11!

To the British School Community

5oct2017-mr-kerry-williamsThe British School Community,

I am writing to share the sad news that Mr Ron Kerry-Williams, former Head of the school from 1974-90, has passed away. He was a long serving, highly respected and much loved educator and Headteacher.

He worked in the school, alongside his wife Angela, for fourteen important years during which time the school grew significantly with many building projects and increased student numbers being overseen by Mr Kerry-Williams. With these developments the ethos, spirit and warmth of the school remained constant , guided under the careful hand of Ron Kerry-Williams. It is 27 years since Mr Kerry-Williams' retirement but it is a glowing testament to his legacy that former pupils from the 1970s and 80s regularly return to school, all speaking with warmth and affection of their former Head. Please see attached photograph of Mr Kerry-Williams with school staff in 1981-82.

Our sincere condolences to Angela and Kerry-Williams Family.

Julian Clark

Local Police Mascot-Drawing Competition

18sep2017-premios-policiaOn 14th September 2017, I went to the prize-giving ceremony because Catherine Machlab (Y2) as I won the Las Palmas Local Police Mascot-Drawing Competition.

On arrival, we saw a police dog exhibition. Then we tried on a police helmet and bullet-proof vest. We also saw the police cars and vans.

In the prize-giving ceremony, we received amazing presents. We are very thankful to the police for such an amazing day and gifts.

As we were leaving, we met the mayor of Las Palmas, Augusto Hidalgo and took pictures with him.

The best thing of the day was to hear all my peers congratulating us when we were back at school.

Teresa Han - Year 8

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