Pointing our Students in the Right Direction

16mar2018-careers-dayWhat did you want to be when you were young? An actor perhaps or maybe a sports star? Our students have their own ambitions and dreams, but also relish guidance.

With this in mind, we invited representatives from a range of professions, including architects, lawyers, and journalists to offer their advice at our latest Careers Day. It was an unqualified success with the students receiving first-hand knowledge to help them with their future vocational decisions. Sincere thanks to everybody who volunteered their services. And we look forward to welcoming our students of today back to the school as our advisors of the future.

Brothers in Arms

15mar2018-ju-jitsuCongratulations to super siblings Argimiro (Year 6) and Hugo (Year 8CG) Domínguez Gao. Argimiro came third at the Spanish Junior Braziilan jiu-jitsu Championships in the Under 38kg category. Older brother Hugo, meanwhile, finished first in both the Under 47kg Spanish men's grappling category and the Under 47kg Spanish men's jiu-jitsu.

Age of Aquarium

15mar2018-aquariumYear 2 enjoyed a fun and informative morning during their visit to Poema del Mar, the freshly-opened aquarium in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. There was a mixture of the beautiful and the deadly, as clownfish and sea turtles shared space with sharks, jellyfish and electric eels. The experience provided plenty of food for thought, especially when the students returned to school for a lunch of fish and chips!

UCMAS Graduates: New Additions

15mar2018-ucmasThe Mental Maths Club of the British School in Tafira celebrated a ceremony in which the presentation of UCMAS graduation certificates and medals took place. These students have completed the levels and the UCMAS programme in the school.

Getting with the Beat

13mar2018-bloopbloopRecently, Tafira Years 6-8 were treated to a performance from percussionists, the Bloobloop Duo. Here our students deliver their verdict:

Year 6:
"We loved it."
"It was amazing and hilarious."
"Couldn't have been better."
"It was definitely something unique."

Year 7MF:
"We loved the concert as it was very funny and really creative. They must have rehearsed a lot on both the music and the acting to create such amazing co-ordination between themselves. We liked how they used random objects to create music and it makes us want to make some of our own but we don´t know if our parents will enjoy that."

Year 7PS:
"The Bloobloop Duo were pitch perfect for our age group. We loved how they used random objects in such a creative way to produce music showing us that we don't have to have a musical instrument in the house because we can create our own. Some of us have already experimented with their ideas and made music using newspapers, bottles and juice cartons because the Bloobloop Duo inspired us with their show."

Year 8CG's Ambra Erica Sciaresa Strickett:
"The duo were very entertaining and creative. They really knew how to interact with a young audience and their rhythmic co-ordination was outstanding. Our attention was captured for the entire show and by the end my stomach hurt from all the laughing."

Year 8CG's Maite Del Campo Martínez:
"The Bloobloop Duo were very co-ordinated which made me realise they must have spent a long time discussing ideas and rehearsing this show. I loved how they used eco-friendly materials that you could find anywhere to produce such imaginative sounds."

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