BSGC Secondary Awards

03jul2017-secondary-awardsBSGC Academic Awards

  • Most Merits Awards

These awards are presented to the pupils who have received most merits from their teachers during this academic year.

5th place Y7SJ Adrián Gil Alemán
4th place Y7SJ Maite Del Campo Martínez
3rd place Y8MS Julia Rodríguez Hernández
2nd place Y9JW Carla Campanario Torres
1st place Y8MD Alberto Gordillo Fuertes

  • Crest Awards

These are awarded by the British Science Association.

"CREST Bronze provides a real-life experience of 'being' a scientist and working on STEM projects, allowing students to experience the project process; improving their enquiry, problem solving and communication skills."

Three of our Secondary students have been recognized with these awards this year:

Maite del Campo Martínez – Bronze award for the project "Investigating how Stem Structure affects the uptake of Dyes by Plants". (CERT)

María Nuez Vostokov – Bronze award for the project "Investigating factors affecting Mould growth on Bread". (CERT)

Priyanka Pradhan Adwani – Bronze award for the project "Investigating the effect of Water Hardness on the Strength of Hair". (CERT)


British School Association Awards for Academic Achievement

This is awarded to the pupils who, in the opinions of their teachers, through a combination of effort and ability have reached their highest level of achievement during this academic year.

Year 7

Joint 3rd Rachel Gao Domínguez - Daniela González Santana
2nd Jae Hoon Han
1st Maite del Campo Martínez

Year 8

3rd Julia Rodríguez Hernández
2nd Kai Yi Zhu
1st Priyanka Pradhan Adwani

Year 9

3rd Jorge Rodríguez Toledo
2nd Carla Campanario Torres
1st Ziyu Xu Ying

Year 10

3rd Chantal Pérez Kluin
2nd Girish Sirwani Ramani
1st Sarina Ramchandani Ramchandani

Year 11

Joint 3rd Alicia Quintana Cabrera
Viren Sirwani Mulani
2nd Noemi Pérez Kluin
1st Elena Gordillo Fuertes

Year 12

3rd Kelly Wan Ye
2nd Viren Ajay Pradhan Adwani
Joint 1st Carlota Hopkins Guerra - Andrea Risueño Navarro

Y13 Awards were given during the Graduation Ceremony that took place on Saturday 24th June. The students awarded were:

Year 13

3rd Violeta Quintana Aguilar
2nd Sara Navarro Galván
1st Ignacio Funes Martín


BSGC Creativity, Movement and Performance Awards

  • BSGC Art Award

The Art Prize is awarded to the student who has excelled in the curricular activities, demonstrated passion and interest in this subject and produced independent work to a level exceeding the norm.

This year's winner of the BSGC Art Prize is Maite Del Campo Martínez, from Year 7.

  • BSGC Music Award

The Music Award is awarded to the student who has demonstrated an outstanding level of musicianship through the school year. The pupil also displays exceptional reliability, commitment and enthusiasm in all curricular and extra-curricular activities, and has consistently and extensively contributed to the wider needs of the school community through music.

This year's winner of the BSGC Music Awards is Jae Min Kim Kang, from Year 10.

  • BSGC Sportswoman and Sportsman of the Year Awards

The BSGC Sportswoman and Sportsman of the Year Awards are presented to the student who has excelled in a wide range of sporting activities in lessons, the Enrichment Programme and British School teams. They have consistently demonstrated an outstanding work ethic and commitment to physical activity whilst upholding and modelling the key attributes of honesty, integrity, resilience, leadership and collaboration. Their positive attitude and attainment is also displayed in participation and performance in sport outside of school.

This year's winner of the BSGC Sportsman of the Year Award is Gabriel Megías Loustau, from Y10.

This year's winner of the BSGC Sportswoman of the Year Award is Gisela Arbelo Romero, from Y11.

BSGC House Awards

House Captains were elected by house members on 26th April. We would now like to invite the new House Captains to come to the front of the hall before the House Awards are announced.

ROQUE NUBLO: Viren Pradhan, Lakshita Pursnani.
TEIDE: Pablo García, Elena Gräser.
TIMANFAYA: Jose Arbelo, Miguel Ángel Escudero.

  • House Final Awards
    • House Music Competition

3rd – Timananfaya Score 55
2nd – Teide Score 63
1st – Roque Nublo Score 65

    • Combined House points total

3rd – Roque Nublo 1560
2nd – Teide 1832
1st – Timanafaya 2170

    • Overall House Champions 2016-2017 - TROPHY

3rd – Roque Nublo 23
2nd – Timananfaya 33
1st – Teide 34


BSGC Special Awards

  • BSGC Spanish Reading Award

This prize is awarded to the student who, in the opinion of their teachers, has shown a passion for reading in Spanish; making books their best friends and companions, and who has helped other students understand the benefits of reading by sharing their passion with their groups.

This year's winner of the BSGC Spanish Reading Award is Daniela González Santana, from Y7.

  • BSGC Spoken English Award

This award is reserved for the pupil who has displayed the highest level of excellence in spoken English throughout the academic year. It recognises their consistent excellence in English communication in addition to their ongoing commitment to promoting the use of spoken English in the British School.

This year's winner of the BSGC Spoken English Award is Samuel Vila Van Wijk, from Year 8.

  • BSGC Contribution to School Community Award & COBIS Student Achievement Awards

This is awarded for the selfless contribution to the well-being and support of other students through their daily actions, or by their support and leadership of school clubs or student support activities. Each member of staff can nominate one member of the school community for this award.

This year's winner of the BSGC Contribution to School Community Award is Lakshita Pursnani Pursnani – Year 12, for the third year in a row.

  • BSGC All Round Scholarship Award

The criteria set to award this scholarship state that "the student will have a strong academic base but must also have shown clear leadership abilities and acted as a role model to other students; shown a level of excellence or expertise in Art, Drama, Music or Sport, representing the School at competition or performance level; actively taken part in charity and fund-raising events; assisted fellow students when needed; shown understanding, compassion and appreciation of cultural differences within the school; represented fellow students as a member of the Student Council".

This year's recipient of the BSGC All Round Scholarship Award is Marina Márquez Peña

Visit to the Jardin Canario

29jun2017-jardin-canarioLast Thursday, 25 of May, both year eight classes visited the "Jardin Botanico Canario Viera y Clavijo". They did a lot of activities: orientation in groups, flora identification and small art pieces based on seeds, leaves and flowers they found on the pathways of the picturesque garden. They had so much fun.

Srta. Santana took us through small, mysterious paths from where they could appreciate the view of the Barranco de Guiniguada. Some students were capable to get closer and feed three ducks; named Pancho, Juan and Pepe.

During the day they could appreciate the variety of Canarian Flora and Fauna including abubillas and lizards. The student's attention was captured by the amount of animals that the garden could hold things like; ducks, frogs, toads, fishes, insects, birds, and lizards.

In conclusion everybody had a great time, and they extended their knowledge about the endemic flora in the Islands. A great thank you to Miss de Aguiar, Miss Poyser, Srta. Santana and Srta. Suarez for organising this unforgettable trip!

Día de Canarias 2017

31may2017-dia-canariasLast Monday, 29th May, students and teachers from the British School of Gran Canaria celebrated the culture we live in during a day packed with fun activities. To make this celebration possible, we worked hard during the days prior to the celebrations: our reward was an incredible day which all of us enjoyed!

With the help of the Year 8 students, the school was decorated during Thursday and Friday. Posters, pintaderas and flags could be seen everywhere, including the first entries for the Canarian Flag House Competition. The posters encouraged everyone to participate in this competition and to donate food for the Food Bank in Las Palmas, like every year. On Monday, after an Assembly by Year 10, where the different workshops that were going to take place were presented, the fun started. Unfortunately, the rain forced some of the workshops to remain inside, but that did not take away any of the fun. Also, a group of students from this same class prepared chorizo sandwiches that were sold during first and second break. The day passed by really quickly with the Infants singing and dancing to typical Canarian songs, they coloured Canarian decorations and enjoyed a gymkhana which included traditional games. In Juniors, a plasticine workshop challenged students to recreate typical Canarian dresses, followed by a magic show at the end of the day which took everybody's' breath away. In Secondary, everybody had the chance to make handicrafts, to practice Canarian wrestling and stick fighting and participate in very challenging intelligence games. Thank you to everybody for your support in making this day such a special ocassion.

Primary Hockey Club

29may2017-primary-hockeyFour brave members of the primary hockey club took part in their first tournament on Saturday (27th May) They won some matches and lost others, but had lots of fun and played well as a team. Overall they came 7th out of 10 teams.

Well done Carla, Carlos & Dante from Y3 and Benji Y5

Y1 South - People who Help Us

29may2017-y1-southIn Year 1 we have been talking about people who help us. We had an exciting morning when Javier´s dad came into school to talk to us about being a policeman.

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