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28feb2020-art-IGCSEsY11 students have recently completed the coursework element of their IGCSEs. These will be sent to Cambridge Assessment for grading. Well done to the students who have worked hard to produce a great variety of personal and creative projects in a range of materials.

These final pieces represent the end point. However, the students all produced up to eight sides of A2 paper. These sheets contained observational drawings and photography, process development, and analytical writing.






Volley girls and boys

18feb2020-volleyThe British School teams took part in a volleyball tournament against the Official German School and Oakley College on Friday 14ᵗʰ February. The British School KS4 Girls were excellent throughout the tournament, winning all but one match, and were the overall champions. They overcame Oakley KS5 girls 11-6 in the final.

Meanwhile, The British School KS4 Boys found the competition tougher. Whilst they were triumphant against the German School, they were narrowly beaten by Oakley. All of the students showed great attitude and resilience throughout the tournament.

Trigger awareness

18feb2020-relaxationOn Tuesday 11th February, Year 12 students participated in a 45-minute workshop on relaxation and stress management. This was led by Dr Patricia Bautista Pardo from the Asociación de Integración Social Calidad de Bida. The aim of the workshop was to teach students to understand the triggers of stress and develop coping techniques.

This session was especially beneficial to Year 12, as they started their first mock A-Level exams the following day and they were feeling very anxious about it. Dr Patricia Bautista Pardo introduced the different types of stress and their consequences. She explained to them that there are many stressful agents in our everyday life and that we need to identify them to achieve a psychological and physical stability. Students were taught the Jacobson's method, which can be used whenever they need it or when they are experiencing stressful situations. They recognized the intimate union between muscle tension and a tense mental state and learnt to relax tight muscles of their entire body as a means to reach a deep state of inner calm. The feedback from the students was very positive, declaring it "interesting and useful" and one they would definitely recommend it to other students.

Nathalie Froidevaux
Head of PSHE

Yoga for beginners

14feb2020-yogaWe believe at The British School that introducing yoga at the Early Years Foundation Stage level through playful activities is a great way to boost healthy living. It will help children to become calmer and better able to concentrate and focus. Scientific research has already shown that yoga can improve memory, self-esteem, academic performance, and classroom behaviour, and can even reduce anxiety and stress in children.

Our yoga sessions consists of yoga stories such as Cosmic Kids' Mike The Cosmic Space Monkey. This has helped the children to concentrate, interact with the story, and develop balance, agility, and co-ordination. The children really enjoy these sessions as part of their weekly routine.

Towers of strength

13feb2020-towerYear 10 have been studying earthquakes. In class, they were challenged to build a three-storey tower that was then tested by Mr King using a seismometer app to see which was strongest. The interaction between engineering and geographic seismic design came to life when we saw how different designs could avert disaster.

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