Year 6 Camp 2012 - El Garañón

We have just returned from a fantastic camp in the mountains of Gran Canaria. We met up with the year 6 children from our school in the south and really enjoyed getting to know them better.

We stayed in log cabins and enjoyed being with our classmates for four days in the ‘campo’. Some of us felt a bit homesick but the great thing was that our friends and the teachers helped us feel better so no-one went home early.


Tuesday saw us arrive, unpack and head off for a 13km. hike from the camp to the top of Roque Nublo and back!!! It was very tiring but worth the effort. The views from there are breathtaking – we could see all round the island and across to Tenerife with Teide clearly visible on the horizon.

Back at camp and we faced an arctic night of freezing winds whilst being fascinated by Fran, a local astronomy expert, explaining all about the constellations that we could see in the spectacular clear night sky. We looked through his telescope and saw Saturn with its rings clear as day wrapped around the planet.

Like blocks of ice we were glad to tumble into our sleeping bags for a good night’s sleep.

On Wednesday we split into two groups and took turns to rock climb and then experience the sport of Orienteering. Rock Climbing was a little scary but great fun. It was much easier to climb up than it was to abseil down again. Everybody had a go even Mr. Steven. Orienteering was fun, but some of us got lost when we forgot to use the compass and map properly. It was OK though because the teachers found us quickly and guided us back to the safety of the camp.

We went for a night walk to a ‘mirador’ nearby and marveled at the views of the village lights and eerie shadows of the countryside after dark. The cold wind had stopped and we returned to camp quite warm but still tired after an action packed day’s activities.

Thursday and Friday were less tiring as the activities included mountain biking, archery and alternative sports. We were split into three groups and rotated around the activities. On Thursday evening we were allowed to watch the Spain football game as we had all been so good throughout the camp. After the game we had a party in our classroom where nearly everyone won prizes for the activities or party games. We had a fantastic time with the teachers and monitors.

The worst bit was coming back to school. The coach journey was so windy that nearly everyone felt travel sick so we all looked a bit green when we arrived home. Thank you to the teachers and thank you to our mums and dads for letting us go.

The Children of Year 6

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