Bottle Top Collection

12may2017-bottletopThis year, the bottle top collection at BSGC has been fabulous. Year 9 and some of the teachers, especially Srta. Santana, have put a lot of effort into this and we've managed to collect nearly 100 kgs of bottle tops which we will donate to the charity Iraitza.

How did we manage to do all this?
To start with, Srta. Santana was the one who came up with this brilliant idea and she was happy to spend her free time to help organising this event. Year 9 and her managed to come up with a plan in a period of three days only.

Our first meeting took place last Friday. There we discussed and decided what we would do. To motivate everybody, it was decided that a competition would take place between the three different houses in school (Roque Nublo, Teide and Timanfaya). The house which collected the most bottle tops would earn house points.

Where did we put all the bottle tops?
Thanks to Mr. Wilson, 9RB was able to use the art class to design and make cardboard boxes for the bottle tops. The boxes where filled in as fast as light since everyone was so ambitious because they wanted their house to win.

What did we do next?
Mónica Morales and Marina Quevedo came up with the idea of a Cake Sale but that would have been really expensive and we didn't know how to get enough money to buy cakes for all the school. Jorge Rodríguez had the great idea of doing a raffle in which we had to guess the correct number of bottle tops that where inside a bottle. The ones who wanted to participate would have to pay 50 cents and the person who got closest to the number of bottle tops would win and get a prize.

The Raffle
Jaume Ros, Jorge Rodríguez, Manuel Pardo and some kids more, including me, directed the raffle and we managed to obtain a total sum of 25 euros. Even the smallest ones took part and collaborated too. The bottle had 316 bottle tops and the most approximate guess was 319.
There was an unexpected coincidence since the winner of the Raffle was Shivani Bhagvanji from year 9. Since she was part of the bottle top team she kindly donated her prize back into the charity, so her reward was that the tops went to her house... Roque Nublo! Thank you Mr. Stillman for keeping everybody informed of the details on Moodle.

The Cake Sale
To be able to organize the cake sale, we had to get a lot of help and that wouldn't have been possible without Year nine's help and some of the teachers as well. Specially, we thank a lot the collaboration of Gabriela Paz, Jimena´s mother, for all her help since she was the one who baked nearly all the cakes.

Thanks to Srta. Suárez, 9JW could carry tables into the agora to get ready for the cake sale. Mrs. De Aguiar allowed Jimena, Paula San Pedro and Divya to go and help. Srta. García also helped us to prepare the Agora.

Before the bell rang, we already had our first infant customers who stared, astonished at the cakes in front of them, not knowing which one to get. Seconds later, the bell rang and all of a sudden the agora was full of kids with bottle tops willing to get a cake. Srta. Santana, Santiago, Cecilio and Jaume were there in charge of crowd control. The cakes dissapeared within a couple of minutes and children were rushing to get the last one. Everything was a huge success.

César and Manuel got in charge of changing money to bottle tops since you could only buy cakes with bottle tops and there were kids who didn't have any left. They collected nearly 30 euros which will be given to Gabriela Paz in appreciation for the cakes she baked for us.
When lessons began, Jaume, Pablo, Cecilio, Raúl and Santiago kindly stayed behind to carry the bags with all the bottle tops to Sra. Santana's class where they were weighed. Isabel, Cristina and I were in charge of weighing the bags and while we were doing this, another team of students went to clean up the agora. We managed to collect nearly a 100 kgs of bottle tops! But the best thing is that there are still more tops to come.

Which house had the most bottle tops?
Although Roque Nublo was lucky to receive 316 bottle tops thanks to Shivani they ended up in 3rd place. Teide and Timanfaya were slightly equalled but then Timanfaya got advantage of the last moment and just won. ¡CongratulationsTimanfaya!
Thanks to everyone who participated, we really appreciate your collaboration and cooperation. Surely you've already read the e-mail sent which was written by Cristina and translated by Shivani (which Marga managed to send nearly by miracle) but hopefully this article has informed you more about the event.

Thank you!
Carla Campanario

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