Solidarity Storytelling Marathon

15may2017-storytellingOn Friday 12th May 2017, Year 8 students went to Plaza Hurtado de Mendoza in Vegueta (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) to participate in the 17th edition of the Story Telling Marathon organized by the Public Library of Gran Canaria, along with many other schools from the island. The theme chosen for this year's tales was "Grandparents, insects and stories with swing". In addition, the stories written by the students representing the school were translated into a wide range of languages from around the world: Korean, German, Hindi, Sindi, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and English.

Apart from this, Year 9 students collected bottle tops from the whole school throughout the week, and more than 100 kilos were handed over to Association Iraitza, which helps children with physical disabilities.

Representatives of the British School of Gran Canaria in the story telling were:

  • Roberto Armas, whose story "Bothers in war", was translated into Korean by Chris Park, Seung Ryul Lee and Jung Yun Park, and was read in Spanish by Daniela Valencia and Sofía Turégano.
  • Ana Bulchand, who presented the moving story "Grandmother", with the translations of Roshni Tikamdas in Hindi, Nihar Kewlani in Sindi and Sara Vollmer in German.
  • Marcos Guerra, who wrote the quixotesque tale "Don Santiago of Gran Canaria", translated into Dutch by Sammy Vila, into English by Cristian Santana and Jennifer Chaturani and it was also read in Spanish with the help of Paula Sánchez and Julia Rodríguez.
  • Sofía Melián, author of the story "Shadows at Night", who presented this text with the translations into Russian by Masha Nuez and Sergio Torrent, as well as Kai Yi Zhu´s version into Chinese, and the help of Elisa Rodríguez reading the text in Spanish.

Although students at the school had to nervously wait until they could finally tell their stories, this incredible experience will remain with us for the rest of our lives.

Cristina Valido and Priyanka Pradhan

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