Out and about with BSGC Geography

25sep2018-geographyGeography is all about 'getting out there' and so on Monday 17th September, Year 11 Geography students travelled to the Telde beaches of Melenara and Playa del Hombre. The objective of this trip was to gather primary data for their IGCSE fieldwork component which constitutes 27.5% of their final grade.

The aim was to discover whether visitors to the two beaches ultimately had a positive or negative impact. Students worked efficiently and independently. They gained valuable first-hand knowledge of data collection and now look forward to writing up their findings and making use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to enable them to present their data effectively. Martina, Paula, Pablo, Manuel, Cristina, Faina, Bella and Shivani all put in a tremendous effort on the day!

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