Lest we forget

14nov2019-ww2Year 6 have been learning about World War 2 this year and, poignantly, they commemorated 11th November with an Evacuee Day. Using the medium of drama, they explored how the children may have felt in this situation.

They will draw on these experiences to write their own war diaries. During the day, they also learnt how to ration food for a family and make cookies from rationed food items. We ended with a spirits-raising sing-a-long to It's a Long Way to Tipperary and Pack up Your Troubles in Your Old Kitbag.

Leading by example

14nov2019-l2lLearn to Lead is back! After being largely successful last year, with many events and activities being organised by their members, the group is now ready to bring even more positive changes to the school. Learn to Lead is an afterschool club aimed at encouraging students to take leadership roles at the BSGC. During September, its members took part in a training programme which enabled them to take ownership of activities, make independent decisions and work together in teams of coproduction to make an impact on our school and our wider community. Now, the group has been divided into three main teams: the events team, the environmental team and the school development team. Likewise, there is a communication team which has split up into the existing groups and will be responsible for informing the school about what Learn to Lead is doing. All of these teams are guided by Ms Froidevaux, Ms Potticary and Mr King, who will coordinate the different groups and help them work together.

Ana Bulchand Morales
Learn to Lead student coordinator

Follow the leader

13nov2019-bulchandI am pleased to announce that Ana Bulchand (11EC) has been appointed Learn to Lead Student Coordinator. Some of the important responsibilities coming with this position involve:

  1. Being "the face" of Learn to Lead at the BSGC, leading forums and assemblies.
  2. Being the first point of contact between our student body and the Learn to Lead teams and sharing ideas of events and projects from non-Learn to Lead members with the appropriate team(s).
  3. Supporting teams with their individual projects.
  4. Assisting teams with the implementation of the Learn to Lead tools and use of Google Classroom.
  5. Connecting and coordinating teams regarding common projects, whenever suitable.
  6. Assisting Link Teachers with administrative tasks.

Ana is very committed and passionate about the Learn to Lead programme. I have no doubt that this will be a successful year for her.

Nathalie Froidevaux
Learn to Lead Link Teacher and Coordinator

Wise heads, young shoulders

12nov2019-clever-choicesYear 10 and Year 11 recently enjoyed 'Clever Choices Week', developed by the PSHE department led by Ms. Froidevaux. This provided an opportunity for students to discuss topics with professionals that wouldn't usually be talked about in a class environment. Some of the topics included were sex education, relaxation, stress management, yoga, alcohol and drugs.
So, we had a lesson on relaxation techniques. Here we explored the advantages of the Jacobson method that preaches simplicity and versatility.

Then we had a yoga workshop, led by Ruth, an instructor from Buena Vibra, which taught us the principles of yoga and the benefits we could acquire from it.
The following day, we listened to a sex education talk by Amigos Contra el Sida, an association that works with HIV and AIDS victims. We went through the basics of contraception methods and STI prevention.

Next morning started with a talk based on the consumption of tobacco and cannabis. It was very interesting to investigate both sides of the argument and learn about why these products are legal even though they are terribly harmful to us.

Friday was our last day and finished with a workshop all about hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. All of us found it very informative and felt like we had a lot more knowledge in the topic as we aren't exposed to these subjects very often. Mainly because they are found a bit too taboo by modern society.

Room for debate

06nov2019-debateYear 8 have been preparing to hold a class debate in Spanish. They've learnt what a debate is and about its structure. In groups, they chose a current hot topic and researched the subject to prepare their arguments. In the following lessons, they will debate about Catalan independence, online games and adolescence, bullfighting, and the use of mobile phones in schools.

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