Christmas cheer

07feb2020-christmasLast December the house captains from our three houses (Timanfaya, Teide and Roque Nublo) put their heads together to brainstorm ideas for the annual Christmas Extravaganza. They had lots of expectations to live up to but the whole team did a great job. They presented the show in a very entertaining and amusing way which had the audience on the edge of their seats throughout. It was not easy as the audience included age groups ranging from Year 7 to Year 13 but their packed programme which included games and singalongs had everybody (including teachers) hypnotized.

The event would have been a disaster without the collaboration of the remaining house captains who were in charge of the music, coordination, and the props. The effort required to put on the show developed the house captains' teamworking skills. All in all, it was a one-of-a-kind experience which the captains will never forget.

Young heads

06feb2020-young-headsOur first Learn to Lead Forum this year took place on 15ᵗʰ January. It was an opportunity for us to celebrate our students' achievements across numerous projects. We also reflected on what could have gone better and what we had learnt for the future.

To start with, we celebrated the appointment of Ana Bulchand Morales (11EC) as Learn to Lead student coordinator. Ana's new role has been a worthwhile addition to the programme. Her promotion came about because of her many beneficial contributions to the running of various projects this year.

While the Environmental Team have been working on the BSGC campaign to restrict the use of SUP (single use plastic) in school, the Events Team have been painting a mural in the Primary patio, drawn by our Art teacher Mr Wilson, featuring animals representing our three Houses: Teide, Roque Nublo and Timanfaya. They are planning another cake sale for charity next month. Moreover, the Development Team have been planning practical upgrades to our school facilities, making our students' everyday life much more pleasant in the process. Finally, in December, the UNICEF received a €500 cheque from our school, thanks to charity events organised by the Fundraising Team last year which included a €1900 donation to Action Against Hunger, a project championed by PE's Mr Boyle.

Whilst we had a lot to feel proud about, we also targeted some areas for improvement. With Learn to Lead becoming an after-school club, we have lost some valuable members and are trying to recruit more committed students to work on our projects and help create a positive impact on our school and the wider community. We also realised that we need to get better at sharing our achievements with the rest of the school as we rarely promote them.
The meeting concluded with some celebratory refreshments. Many thanks to Ms Potticary and Mr King for their hard work with their respective teams. Special thanks to our cook, Alicia, for her lovely homemade cookies!

Ms Froidevaux
Learn to Lead Coordinator

Portrait of an artist as a young woman

06feb2020-portraitCongratulations to Year 12TW's Paula Santana Armas for winning 2019-20's Inter-House Portrait Competition. Her first-place entry was of her aunt, Alejandra, who Paula opted to paint in the classical Impressionist style; in the vein of one of her favourite painters: Françoise Nielly.

Bella Xu Ying, a classmate and in the same House as Paula, Teide, finished second. Her portraits were a quintet of secondary staff including, appropriately enough, her art teacher: Mr Wilson. Teide completed the hat-trick with Year 8SS's Bujin Amarzaya Hoque in third place.

University matters

05feb2020-liverpoolOn Monday, 13ᵗʰ January our Year 11 and Year 12 students attended two separate presentations given by Mr C. Prescott of Liverpool John Moores University in the United Kingdom. The year 11 talk, described by 11EC student Adrián as "very relevant for our future" contained a section which discussed why students should consider going to university. Classmate Paula stated that "the talk was very good because it told us things about higher education that we should be thinking about now, such as how admission to university in the UK works.´ Both her peers Daniela and Cristina liked the fact that their talk also mentioned all of the extra-curricular activities that you could be involved in at university, such as clubs, societies, studying abroad for a year and getting a part-time job.

The Year 12 talk focused on how to complete your university application and how to write a good personal statement, critical for success. Several students, such as 12DK's Pablo and 12TW's Bella were keen for Mr Prescott to share his PowerPoint presentation with them so as to be able to follow his advice. He also talked about the many types of degree courses available at Liverpool John Moores University, such as foundation degrees, sandwich degrees where students gain work experience as part of their degree and professionally-recognized degrees such as Adult Nursing.

Mr Prescott went on to outline the wide variety of degree courses on offer at LJM, such as Zoology with a placement period in Costa Rica. 12TW's Martina was very excited to hear about this degree as she felt that it would be perfect for her. 12DK's Paolo and 12TW's Jon felt that the talk was "very appropriate" for everyone in their year group as Liverpool John Moores University offers courses ideal for the various interests of all of our students.

We'd like to thank Mr Prescott for coming to our school. His presentations were both entertaining and informative. We hope that he will return to The British School of Gran Canaria in the future.

Mrs Cuthbertson
Head of Key Stage 5

Playing with light

31jan2020-lightThe British School of Gran Canaria employs some seriously talented staff. Like multidisciplinary artist, Pilar Boullosa. The Vigo native's Luscofusco exhibition is currently showing at Fuerteventura's La Casa de los Coroneles art gallery.

You can see 14 works of her art including photographs and videos until Saturday 7ᵗʰ March. This is Pilar answering questions such as "How can the perception of a place vary according to the time of day? To what extent are we aware of the continuous color and light change that occurs before us and how does it affect our mind?"

With Luscofusco, Pilar sets out to "capture those ephemeral worlds that are constantly built and destroyed and create new artificial landscapes from fragments of reality, semantically reactivating the elements involved".

Pilar has a BA in Fine Arts from the Universitat Politènica de València and a post-graduate qualification from London's University of the Arts. Entrance is from €1.

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