Web wise

14feb2018-web-safetyThe Internet can be fraught with danger at times. This was the focus of a recent secondary assembly given by 10EC. All of Ms Comoret's class put their heads together to come up with a presentation offering plenty of tips on how our students can stay safe online.

Surf safe

06feb2019-surf-safeThe police made a recent visit to the South School. Thankfully, it was a scheduled one. Two members of the local constabulary came to speak to Years 5 and 6 about how to use the Internet securely.

Up for debate

04feb2019-debateOn 25th January, five sixth-form students headed to Madrid to debate in the CICAE qualifying tournament. The students were debating the motion: is immigration positive for the economy of European countries? They worked diligently constructing their arguments and honing their rhetoric skills.

After a very early start, they had a fantastically successful first day where they won all of their debates. The long day of debating was followed by a dinner at a local rib restaurant where students got to socialize with other teams. They were up early the next morning to debate again, competing against the team who went on to win the tournament.

The judges took a long time to decide a winner and sadly it wasn't a win for the British Lions. They got knocked out of the competition just before the quarter finals but had enough points to qualify for the main finals in March. Having learnt lots over the weekend, the team have already started reflecting on how to improve their performance and look forward to discovering the motion for debate in the March final.

Brother Africa

01feb2019-africaThe South School's Year 6 were delighted to receive a recent visit from Hermanos Thioune's Kaly Thioune. Senegal-born Kaly and his eight siblings run a school of African performing arts close to Las Canteras beach and regularly play concerts and festivals in the Gran Canaria capital and beyond. The students listened to some African music and then were shown some traditional Wolof dancing moves which they did their best to copy.

University challenges

01feb2019-universityThe prospect of applying to university is a daunting one for our older students as they contemplate making the next big step in their academic careers. Two visiting speakers were on hand recently to offer a guiding way, however. Hannah Wake, a Higher Education Adviser from the University of East Anglia, and University of Essex International Officer Keeley Alvarez came to talk to our Tafira Year 11-13s about stepping up to uni.

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