Getting to the bottom of things

25nov2019-bottomA bleak Thursday 14th November hardly offered the perfect weather for a geography field trip. Y12 and Y13 worked together in order to enhance their understanding of weathering, mass movements and volcanic features present on the island. The day began with a short drive to Bandama's Caldera where we were able to observe the result of a Plinian eruption. We got the chance to see the different layers of material that formed this strato-volcano.

Following on from Bandama, we drove up to the Caldera of Pinos de Gáldar. The drop in temperature was dramatic, making the British born and bred Mr. King feel at home. There was rain, fog and it was very windy. We descended the western flank of the caldera and walked back up in order to see the caldera itself and examples of slope modification. The very last stop was a quick trek up to the peak of Montañon Negro. Although hiking conditions were by now terrible, we were now able to collect some interesting lava samples.

Word perfect

22nov2019-spanish-competitionAnother year, another Interhouse Spanish Vocabulary Competition between the three Houses of the school (Teide, Roque Nublo, Timanfaya). Year 7 and Year 8 students were challenged by Year 9 to guess the meanings of 100 Spanish words, as well as writing as many sentences as possible with them. A packed hall was the setting of the big challenge with cheers ringing out when the results for each round were made known. After Roque Nublo were eliminated, Teide and Timanfaya were tied until Round 6... before Teide won it at the death!

Shining bright like a diamond

21nov2019-diwaliTafira Infants enjoyed a wonderful Friday 8th November, celebrating Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. We sampled authentic Indian foods, prepared coconut balls, made rangoli patterns, and listened to the story of Rama and Sita. All of this was topped off with a wonderful display of traditional Indian dancing.

Quotes of the day

20nov2019-quotesWednesday 13th November marked World Kindness Day. As part of their Tutor Time, Year 10 students were asked to produce some inspirational quotes about kindness. They turned out to be some very wise words indeed.

Two for one

19nov2019-marinaCongratulations to our former alumnus, Marina Marquez Peña, who received some exceptional grades in Biology and Chemistry at A Level. So good were they that the University of Glasgow coordinators of her Biological Sciences degree agreed that she should start her studies as a second-year student rather than a first-year one like the rest of her peers.

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