Hot like Timanfaya

06may2019-athleticsTimanfaya were the trophy-winners at Friday 26th April's inter-house athletics competition held at the ULPGC sports track. There were some fantastic performances all round with running races from 60m all the way up to 600m, javelin, long jump and ball throwing. Every single child took part to earn points for their house and there were very few points separating the silver and bronze places but the clear winner this year was Timanfaya.

Swapping for books

06may2019-booksOn Wednesday 24th April, we celebrated International Book Day with a Book Exchange. Lovers of literature recommended their favourite novels to friends. Everybody ended up with a big smile on their face thanks to having something new to read.

Checking out of hospital

06may2019-hospitalWe returned to school on the first day of the summer term ready for a special farewell to the elderly at Hospital El Sabinal. After a whole year visiting them every week, it was time to say goodbye. The celebration was so carefully prepared, with the Spanish Drama Club performing after Ander and Paquita’s play which made everybody laugh. Then, Year 13 students received their certificates for participating and the Hospital invited us to a delicious breakfast. See you again next year!

Meeting up with the Don

06may2019-don-quijoteThe British School of Gran Canaria is very proud to have celebrated the second edition of the traditional reading of Don Quixote which took place during 23rd April's Book Day. Here, the voices of Year 6 breathed new life into the dusty pages of Miguel de Cervantes' celebrated text and wowed the audience with the crazy stories of the eccentric character and his trusty squire, Sancho Panza. This is an unforgettable novel which still thrills us after so many centuries.

Sleeping In

03may2019-sleepoverInspired by Year 9's pyjama party, Year 13 organized their very first sleepover. It was an unqualified success and everybody had an amazing time. One of the highlights was the food, so much to choose from and so, so delicious.

The teachers who slept over were completely engaged with the students. We enjoyed playing games we hadn't played for years like hide and seek. Thanks to the staff who helped bring us altogether one last time.

Carla Gil (13DK)

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