All Played Out

27may2019-footballToday our primary football players went to the American School for the end-of-year football tournament versus other schools. We played cup matches against Oakley College, The American School, Pepe Damaso, and Canterbury. It was a hot day and there was an intense atmosphere.

Both Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6 teams played extremely well in one-off competitive fixtures; against teams they had already beaten during the regular season. Unfortunately neither won their year group. Years 3 & 4 captains Mario and Fran did, however, receive a trophy for their team topping their league which of course is harder to win than a cup.

On the buses

24may2019-pilar-boullosaMueve tu talento is an initiative for artists to display their creative skills and a member of BSGC staff, Pilar Boullosa, has been selected by Guaguas Municipales. One of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria's distinctive yellow buses will exhibit her illustrations about the island. If you are lucky enough to take her bus in a ride around the capital, you'll be able to enjoy drawings of Gran Canaria gastronomy, wildlife and architecture.

Full of beans

24may2019-beansIn the South School, Year 3 students have been getting their hands dirty. As they have been sprouting different kinds of seeds and watching how they grow. The children tasted these edible bean sprouts which are full of yummy goodness!

Pool mates

21may2019-swimmingOur South School Year 3 children are enjoying their six-week swimming course on Thursday afternoons at the Municipal Pool in San Fernando. By the end of the course, all students will be able to swim at least 10 metres unaided. It's a fabulous way to round off the school day as it's great fun.

In Germany I am Johann, In England I am John

21may2019-maratonOn Friday 10th May, Year 8 attended the 19th Maratón de Cuentos de la Biblioteca Insular; in Vegueta's Plaza Santa Ana. During the day, we heard several stories told by the finest raconteurs. They narrated tales which stole the audiences' breath away and made them roar with laughter.

We also contributed to this cultural event by recounting Canarian legends. Although originally narrated in Spanish, we translated them into our mother tongues. So the La Gomera myth of Gara y Jonay was read by Alejandra Suarez, Lorena, and Máximo in Spanish before being translated into Wolof by Buba and into German, by Silja.

Then La Leyenda del Garoe was read by Domingo, Miguel and Paula in Spanish, and sections from it were translated into French, by Salma, and English, by Pablo. We also told a typical Canarian story called El Drago Milenario, where the narrators in Spanish were Alicia, Alejandra Gil and Lara, whilst Alessandro read it in Italian, Lorea in Basque and Hensi, Janvi, and Ronak in Hindi. Finally, Doramas was narrated by María, Doina, Sergio, and Carlos in Spanish and by Yi Xuan in Chinese, Sua, in Korean, Miki, in Polish, Pedro, in Portuguese, and Javier, in Galician.

Overall, this was an unforgettable experience. Hearing tales from others transported us to a range of different places and times. They opened doors marked curiosity, leading to destinations both foreign and unknown.

Alicia García Martín (8MS)

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