Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

22oct2018-recyclingThe British School of Gran Canaria in Tafira recently welcomed a visitor from the Gran Canaria Government as part of the Gran Canaria Recicla project who came to talk to the infants and juniors about the importance of recycling. Our students were shown how to recycle properly and how to repurpose old things rather than throw them away. The children from Year 3-5 learned how to make a great bag from an old T-shirt!

CAAM - the revolution

19oct2018-caamOn Thursday 18th October, 20 Art students from years 11-13 attended a fantastic tour of the cutting-edge Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno. The intensely-knowledgeable and friendly art gallery staff gave in-depth explanations of the exhibitions, outlining the intentions and ideas of the various artists which prompted interesting discussions amongst the students. Every student identified an interesting artist to include in their projects and this first-hand research and inspiration could prove highly valuable in their Cambridge Assessment International Education examinations. The BSGC Art department, and all the students fortunate enough to enjoy the opportunity, offer their sincerest appreciation to the CAAM staff for organising such an insightful visit.

Press Gang

16oct2018-la-provinciaOn Wednesday 3rd October, we visited La Provincia, one of the most popular local papers in the Canary Islands. We were given a tour of the newspaper, including of the printing presses. Overall, we learned so much and had a great time.

Javi and Néstor

South School in the pink

15oct2018-south-pink-dayCharity is at the heart of everything The British School of Gran Canaria does. So the South School were delighted to organise fundraising for ACCM. The Asociación Canaria de Cáncer de Mama y Ginecológico is one of Gran Canaria's most well-known charities and is committed to improving the quality of life of women diagnosed with cancer and their families.

They set up stalls and sold T-Shirts and raffle tickets.

Posters were placed around the school to promote a whole school Pink Day, where children and staff were asked to donate 1€ for the privilege of wearing pink clothes on Friday 5th October.

This was all in order to raise pupils' awareness and money for cancer research, specifically breast cancer.

On Saturday 6th October many parents, pupils and staff participated in the Long Walk in Maspalomas, further supporting this charity.

All together our school community raised a staggering 948.81€.

Heartfelt thanks to all who participated – we had a lot of fun at this event.

Leaders of the future

15oct2018-leadershipThe development of our Student Council took another stride forward at the beginning of October, with the introduction of a scheme which is very aptly called Learn To Lead. This student-centred approach to collaborative working respects the fact that whatever our age, experience or expertise, everyone's contribution is of value. Learn To Lead provides the ethos, process and tools through which every individual can be heard, and can involve themselves in truly student-led and student-owned projects and events. Another important emphasis of Learn To Lead is to instil the deep sense of ownership, accountability and responsibility which is naturally ingrained in a culture where everyone is working together to accomplish shared goals.

Over 65,000 children have been shown how to use this approach, and the benefits have been proven in hundreds of schools and organisations. Students and teachers gain a renewed sense of commitment to their school; they improve their social, organisational and communication skills; and develop confidence through becoming more aware of their strengths and being able to recognise and utilise other people's ideas and talents.

We were very fortunate to welcome Maxwell Jeffery, one of the CEOs from Learn To Lead, to deliver initial training to 25 of our students and teachers. Maxwell was impressed by the fascinating, mature ideas and discussions our students provided. We then subsequently trained a further 60 pioneering volunteers, all of whom showed a burning desire to contribute to the development of the school. With a total of over 80 children and teachers now armed with the ethos and collaborative nature behind Learn to Lead, we can look forward to experiencing stronger, more inclusive engagement from our school community than ever before.

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