No plastic is fantastic

14jun2018-plasticOn Friday 8th June, The British School of Gran Canaria joined up with thousands of other schools around the world to take part in Zero Plastic Lunch day. We talked about the importance of reducing plastic waste in assembly on Thursday and looked at what can happen when the plastic rubbish gets into our oceans and seas. On Friday, we encouraged students to bring in snacks which would produce as little plastic waste as possible. Look at some of the fantastic examples we saw in the Primary department! Let's try to make this a daily thing! Thank you to those parents and children who supported this important initiative.

You can bank on the BSGC

14jun2018-banco-alimentosWe were delighted to receive a thank-you letter from the Banco de Alimentos de Las Palmas. Our fundraising efforts resulted in 395 kilos of food being made available to hungry families on the island. We also sold 130 Euros worth of cake during the Canarian Day celebrations, enough to provide money to pay for 21 cans of baby milk.

Chess masters

14jun2018-chessYear 9's Masha Nuez Vostokov travelled over to Tenerife with her chess club, the Club de Ajedrez de Guía, at the end of May. They competed at the Campeonato de Canarias por equipos. Masha helped her Infantil team to a second-placed finish whilst the older Cadetes won their category.

NAGA Malaga Saga

14jun2018-nagaOur brothers in arms, Argímíro and Hugo Domínguez Gao, made a return to the podium on Saturday 2nd June. As the North American Grappling Association held their latest event, in Andalucia's Málaga. With Hugo picking up a gold medal and younger brother Argí, a bronze.

Silver Story

12jun2018-silver-storyThis great experience began when writing an entry for the Coca-Cola Young Short Story Writing Competition. All the entrants were instructed to mention a compass and the phrase: "It was a strange object, but beautiful." I was delighted to finish second as I was competing against many children from all over the province.

Masha Nuez Vostokov (Y9)


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