Quotes of the day

20nov2019-quotesWednesday 13th November marked World Kindness Day. As part of their Tutor Time, Year 10 students were asked to produce some inspirational quotes about kindness. They turned out to be some very wise words indeed.

Two for one

19nov2019-marinaCongratulations to our former alumnus, Marina Marquez Peña, who received some exceptional grades in Biology and Chemistry at A Level. So good were they that the University of Glasgow coordinators of her Biological Sciences degree agreed that she should start her studies as a second-year student rather than a first-year one like the rest of her peers.

Keep CAAM and carry on

19nov2019-caamOn Thursday 14th November 2019, Vegueta's CAAM art gallery very kindly gave an excellent guided tour of their latest show to the BSGC IGCSE and A-level students. There were a range of displays split over the four floors including offerings from La Réunion's multidisclipinary artist and poet Jack Beng-Thi and Spanish performance artist Esther Ferrer. This first-hand research will be used by the students to develop their coursework projects.

We look forward to seeing the work inspired from this trip soon. Thanks again to the CAAM staff for another wonderful guided tour. We're lucky to have such an excellent institution on our doorstep.

International bright young things

18nov2019-scienceThe South School's Year 6 have been on another voyage of discovery in their science lessons. They made electrical circuits using different components. The class went on to investigate how this affects the brightness of the bulb.






Fit and they know it

18nov2019-fitWe have a small extracurricular staff running club that trains a couple of days a week. On Sunday 27th October, all of them competed in their first race together. This was no less an event than the prestigious XXXIV Carrera Popular El Corte Inglés.

All our members (Srta San Frutos, Ms Cooke, Ms Coleman and Ms Milward) did an excellent job. Congratulations to all of them, especially to Ms Coleman and Ms Milward who finished third in their respective categories! They were both awarded trophies and cash prizes.

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