South School Year 3 Romans

Year 3 Children 28nov2012-romans-southin the South School have been learning about Romans and a few weeks ago they put on an assembly for the rest of the school to share their work. The class especially enjoyed making their own Roman shields, swords and helmets and learning a song ´Just like a Roman´. Their Roman mosaics are fantastic!

Student Financial Management

27nov2012-financial-managementAs part of the PSHE programme, Year 10 had the chance of listening to an external speaker who presented a talk to them about how to manage their personal budgets. It was a very interesting and important activity in preparation for adult life and all the students participated actively.

Students were encouraged to reflect upon their pocket money and expenses, differentiating between needs and desires and prioritising their needs. They explored alternative options to consider when spending money and explored human needs according to Maslow's hierachy, coming to the conclusion that we are a consumerist society that needs to spend money more wisely!

Our thanks to Arminda from the OMIC (Oficina Municipal de Información al Consumidor) of the Ayuntamiento de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and to Srta. San Frutos for her organisation.

Fiery Dragons in the South School

Year 2 in the South SFiery Dragons in the South Schoolchool, have been learning about Fiery Dragons. They have listened to different stories about kind and nasty dragons, labelled parts of the dragon and written their own Dragon Stories.

For homework the children made dragons and wrote instructions describing the equipment needed and the method used. The children then presented their dragons to the rest of the class.

Look at these scary creatures on display in the reception area!

Volleyball - BSGC vs Oakley

Year 7/8

Oakley 0 – 2 BSGC

BSGC dominated this match from start to finish with some excellent displays throughout the team. Carlota Hopkins produced some fantastic serving in the first set to give BSGC a clear advantage with Julia Sanchez, Isabel Laiseca and Laura Vidal contributing to during some vital points.
The second set continued in the same manor with Raquel Bautista and Ana Diaz playing particularly well. The match finished in a comfortable victory for BSGC which is due to the hard work the squad have been putting in this year, not only at practices but in their free time at break and lunchtimes. A lot of credit must go to Sixth Former Mima Banus who has played a big part in helping with coaching the girls this year, passing on some valuable knowledge and experience.

Year 9/10

Oakley 2 – 1 BSGC

The match finished in an agonizing defeat for BSGC losing the deciding set by only three points. BSGC started well taking the first set comfortably with excellent displays from Claudia Pena, Lorna Macdonald and Andrea Cabrera in particular.
The second set was a very close encounter with BSGC just losing out to an Oakley side improving with every point. This took the match to a nail-biting deciding third set which was very close throughout. In the end Oakley just managed to edge it, however the girls produced some quality volleyball and showed how much they have developed as players with all the practice in the last year. The Year 9 girls in particular have shown great improvements and playing alongside the experienced Year 10 players has only gone to enhance this.

Sixth Form

Oakley 0 – 2 BSGC

This match produced some outstanding volleyball throughout with both teams at the top of their game. Due to key BSGC players being unavailable for the game through injury this match provided some Year 11 players with the opportunity to come into the squad and they grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Superb performances from Luisa Alamo, Divya Bhagvanji, Ninive Martin, Teresa Quevedo, Kaiyi Zhou, Sofia Curbelo and Kajol Kajol Kamble as well as from the experienced players of Mima Banus, Karla Montalban, Ana Vega meant that BSGC edged out Oakley by 3 points in both sets to win a thrilling match 2-0. In a very tense second set all the BSGC girls produced some brilliant volleyball at vital times to ensure victory.

South School Halloween 2012 & Gallery

Scary Witches at BSGC South School Halloween 2012A truly terrifying time was had by all in the South school on Friday 26th October. All the pupils came to school in costume, staff were dressed in their true colours and it was nice to see that many mums also came in disguise.

Following a parade and photo session pupils, parents and staff attended assembly where certificates were given for the most original costumes and Halloween artwork. The parents then were invited to wander around the school to look at displays and then given tea, coffee and biscuits in the dining room.

The children spent the rest of the day playing Halloween games and participating in Halloween activities. The highlight of the day for many of the children was their visit to the terrifying library!! Screams were heard as far away as Maspalomas and they are still wondering what was hiding under the table!

You can see the full Halloween 2012 Gallery through this link.

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