secondaryThe Secondary School is made up of Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9), Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) and the Sixth Form (Year 12 and 13). As our students progress through Secondary, we actively prepare our students to become confident, independent learners with a desire to succeed and a driven thirst for knowledge. Fluent and confident communication in English is enthusiastically and actively promoted by our team of native English speaking and UK qualified teaching staff.

The Secondary School provides a broad and rigorous programme for all of our students. Each child studies a range of subjects that build upon their interests and develop their skills. At the end of Year 9 then again at the end of Year 11, students choose to specialise in subjects according to their strengths, interests and future aspirations. The vast majority of students graduate at the end of Year 13 to enter universities in the UK and Spain as well as other European and world destinations. Our studies are fully accredited with the Spanish authorities, and co-validation of studies is possible. We also offer specific classes to help prepare our Sixth Form students for the PAU examinations at the end of Year 13, if they are looking to study at Spanish universities.

The teaching and learning at The British School of Gran Canaria follows the framework specified by the British National Curriculum, but tailored to meet the needs of our international student population and our unique location in Spain. The programme supports the student’s development as they learn from a carefully balanced programme that provides breadth and depth of studies, covering languages, mathematics, arts, humanities and sciences, as well as physical education. A further, significant component of our programmes of study are the regular opportunities to participate in trips and excursions with in the Canary Islands but also Spain and other European countries, in order to visit art galleries, museums, businesses and areas of natural interest. These opportunities enhance learning and bring the curriculum to life.

We take care to ensure that pupils develop a wide range of skills and techniques, together with their creativity and physical, social and emotional well-being. As part of this process are clearly defined systems of rewards to celebrate outstanding effort and achievement, including certificates in assemblies and end of year Achievement Book Prizes and Trophies. At the end of Year 11 the school also offers scholarships for Years 12 and 13 for the two students who have the highest grades in their IGCSE Examinations.

Throughout the school the interaction and partnership between parents and school is extremely important so that, together, we can provide the best possible education within a caring and supportive environment. Parents are regularly updated on student progress through termly reports, parent information meetings and individual meetings.


British School Of Gran Canaria
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