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about-us-southThe South School of the British School of Gran Canaria is situated in Maspalomas in the south of the island. The school provides a high quality; English medium education for children between the ages of 3-11 and feeds directly into the Secondary section of the school, with the vast majority of the South student's completing their education within The British School at the Tafira site.

South School is a new, purpose built school with spacious, airy classrooms. Facilities include a large playground, library with computer suite, dining room and covered indoor area. The school is also very well equipped with numerous resources; all aim at supporting the learning of the students through play or structured class activities.

The physical structure of the school is impressive but the most striking feature is the day-to-day ambience of the school, with the interactions of all members of the community being an important and strong feature. The students are happy, polite and industrious and the staff actively support students to participate in all aspects of school life with the aim of producing confident, responsible young people by the time that they move to the secondary school. This aim is in part achieved through the curriculum and focused teaching but also through close contact with parents, with staff constantly being available to discuss a child's progress. The motto 'a happy child learns' guides the daily workings of the school.

The school curriculum throughout the whole school is firmly based upon the British National Curriculum. The students of the South School pass through the Foundation and Early Years stage (Nursery-Reception), to Key Stage 1 (Years 1,2) and final to Key Stage 2 (Years 3,4,5,6). English is the medium of instruction and daily interactions. Spanish language is also taught by a native Spanish teacher, in order to comply with Spanish requirements. Additional support is provided for students whose English or Spanish is behind the required level. The curriculum and the high level of English within the school is supported by an extremely professional and dedicated staff made up, almost exclusively, of British nationals.

The South School is an important and integral part of the British School and emphasis is placed on aligning and uniting the Maspalomas and Tafira sites. The Senior Management Team, including the Head of the South School, guide school decisions,

There is frequent teacher interchange between the two sites, staff training and expertise are also shared and the students have regular interactions through sport's activities and excursions and residential trips.

British School Of Gran Canaria
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