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about-usWelcome to The British School of Gran Canaria

I extend a very warm welcome to you on behalf of our school. This introduction, and our website, will give you an insight into the vibrant daily life of our school. However, we do believe that visiting is the best way to appreciate the school, to witness the positive interactions of students and staff and feel the strong and studious learning environment at first-hand. Meeting and talking with our students, to hear them recount their school experiences is a pleasure and we warmly encourage your visit.

The school is a well-established British based educational establishment, founded in 1966 as a non-profit making association. It draws strength from its past whilst continuously seeking improvement and innovation to ensure the maintenance of the high standards that are a recognised as the school’s hallmark. As a member of the prestigious Council of British International Schools (COBIS) our school has to meet the rigorous and demanding standards of teaching, supervision and management, set by the British Government. Achieving these standards ensures that we provide a truly British educational experience and that the school fulfils its commitment to providing the highest educational expectations.

We believe that our students are happy, engaged and fulfilled in their school. Their participation and achievement in lessons is closely monitored, and teaching carefully structured to ensure all students are able to participate and achieve their potential. The students are encouraged to be independent, responsible and caring world citizens and these traits are supported by the diversity of over 30 nationalities represented in our international school community.

One of the strongest features of The British School is the level of English. We pride ourselves on the standards achieved in this area and level of development noted in our students, the majority of whom are not native English speakers. An important contributor to this level of achievement is the number of highly qualified, British professionals employed by the school, being well over 80% of our teaching staff.

Closely tied with the high level of achievement in English are the general academic standards of the school. Students are supported and encouraged to achieve their highest potential, and all students in the senior years of the school sit for the internationally recognised I.G.C.S.E. and A Level examinations. Student achievements in these examinations are high, facilitating the opportunity for our graduates to enter a wide range of universities around the world. The school curriculum and examinations are co-validated by Spanish educational authorities so as to allow students to transfer to the national education system and for entry into Spanish universities. Extra Prueba de Acceso a la Universidad (PAU) tuition is also provided by the school to support our students’ entry into the most competitive Spanish university courses.

The British School prides itself on the interpersonal relationships witnessed throughout our school. The size of the school, the intimate knowledge of each student by the staff, the clarity of expectations, the positive relationships between students and the general standards of behaviour are outstanding, making our school a place where students and staff enjoy attending on a daily basis.

The educational opportunity and emphasis at The British School is not solely confined to the academic curriculum as the extra-curricular provision is seen as an integral and important component of ‘The British’ experience. A large number of extra-curricular activities are available which provide a wide, challenging and diverse range of learning opportunities outside of class time. These activities include numerous trips and excursions, residential visits, sports activities and teams, academic support and, importantly, musical and performance opportunities. All of these diverse opportunities contribute to make The British School of Gran Canaria a truly vital, vibrant and enjoyable experience for parents, staff and, most importantly, the students.

Julian M Clark

British School Of Gran Canaria
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